Crowd control plastic polypropylene barrier 1,15×1.00 m.

Temporary and portable plastic fences with atractive design manufatured in Spain with a plastic polypropylene. Ideal for crowd control and area delineation for pedestrians and traffic. Plastic fences with a high resistance to the impacts with a plastic leg with iron inside. For this reason is the strongest plastic fence on the market.


– Innovative and attractive design
– Maintenace free. No rust
– Rounded edges prevent damage to the people or vehicles
– Recyclable
– They are palletizable and easy storage. Easy transport vans and even cars. Lightweight.
– Polypropylene foot detachable for easy transport. Excellent stability. The feets rotate 360º.
– Iron reinforcement inside the plastic leg.
– Personalize using your color and logo in the center panel (large format advertising. 600×280 mm).
– Quick interlinking units betwen the plastic barriers.
– Standard colors: Yellow – Blue – Red. Manufacturing in other ral colors.(depending on quantitys).

Barrière en plastique 1m


sizes plastic fences
– Width 1150 mm
– Publicity space 280×600 mm
– Height 1000 mm
– Weight 8 kg (feet included)




Standard colors:

crowd control barriers 1 m standard colours





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